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NDIS and Yonit

Updated: May 30, 2021

I have been providing support as an allied health provider for about 15 years now, including 5 years supporting NDIS participants.

I LOVE working with NDIS participants!!!

All NDIS participants of mine have goals that they are super dedicated to and will do whatever it takes to achieve them.

They are eager to conquer the next milestone towards their next personal best.

They want to learn how to move better so they can become independent and take part in their interests and desired activities and participations.

I see potential in all participants and the more someone is keen to take part in the treatment, the greater their improvement.

As I keep on explaining, physiotherapy is not magic, it requires concentration, self-motivation, commitment to learn, practice and even relaxation when needed.

Yes, many times massage is part of the treatment, for example when someone suffers from an acute pain. Other times, exercises could be the centre of a session, in cases such as when a patient’s posture is non-optimal, or their walking skills need to be addressed. Many times, learning to use a walking aid, transferring better and moving or mobilizing more efficiently and safely, inside and/or outside their homes, could be the centre of my attention.

One of my favorite thing about my participants is seeing how they improve holistically, in all levels of their lives: moving better, feeling better, being more aware of their bodys' sensations, capacity and complexity and how this effects their entire being such as: their mental health, spirit, mood, communication skills and the list is long.

Another cool about my work is that most of my participants are local for me and who wouldn’t love that?! I see people across the lower North Shore of Sydney, most of them are 5-15 minutes’ driving distance, therefore, I am familiar with their local GPs, their community as well as their medical services and I can introduce them to the local activities offered nearby their homes.

Being a local service provider also means that I am almost a call away from their desired time for appointment and they can receive my service without needing to commute to my clinic and I bring the necessary equipment with me to their home.

Another thing which is important to me is the family and support network around them. It is an honor and I greatly appreciate of the interaction Participants’ family, friends, and multidisciplinary team who show commitment, kindness and provide great support to their loved ones on their journey to achieve their goals.

Most of all, I feel grateful and hold a great admiration to my participants. I am inspired each time I visit them and thankful for their trust and confidence in me and their commitment to their own rehabilitation goals and plan which allows us achieving their goals in a most joyful and empowering way.

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