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NDIS - self managed / Plan Managed / NDIA Agency Managed

As a physiotherapist registered with NDIA and NDIS commission, I am eligible to see all NDIA participants. That means that a participant can contact me independently (Via google search/ ward of mouth/ GP referral), or be referred by their support coordinator/plan manager. The payment can be done via three optional channels: Self managed will receive a receipt which they will send to their agency/NDIA and get a full refund, their agency. Plan managed will pay me directly and NDIA Agency Managed will pay me directly.

Since I am registered with NDIS and NDIA commission, I am eligible to see all NDIS participants.

The main difference between the three is:

An NDIS participant, have more of control over their plan when self managed, but that comes with admin duties.

The participant control and the responsibility come by this order: less control over money distribution but also less admin responsibility= Self managed, then Plan managed and last NDIA Agency Managed = most control over chosen services, but much less admin work.

If you have any questions regarding the differences, please feel free to contact me via my email address / my mobile number: / 04 2383 514

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